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  0000560    Wishlist - Wunschlistefeaturenew2015-03-15IndexControlURLs_p.html - Provide DublinCore Export Feature
  00005591   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2015-03-15YaCy-Proxy: Problems with special character '+' encoded to %2B in urls
  0000558 1 Generalminornew2015-03-11YaCy-Proxy: Error pages for http status >= 400 are not served (patch included)
  00005571   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2015-03-11Library link to DeReWo has changed
  0000556    Wishlist - Wunschlistetrivialnew2015-03-11Stop yacy.logging file being overwritten on upgrade.
  00005191   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2015-03-11YaCy-Proxy: Unable to load URLs with special character %23 (#)
   00003343   Wishlist - Wunschlistetweakresolved (BuBu)2015-03-05Could you possibly lock out a blank search request for YaCy.
  000035031 Generalminornew2015-02-28Unresloved pattern in browser tabs leads to http 404 error.
  0000553    Wishlist - Wunschlistetweaknew2015-02-28Have a logoff button after admin logon
  00005361   Generalblockassigned (Low012)2015-02-25startYACY.sh doesn't work on OpenBSD 5.6
  0000550    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2015-02-25Let config section headers match menu item labels
  0000549    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2015-02-25Update MediaWiki to a version which understands <ref>
  00005481   Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2015-02-24Provide short and long blacklist description within yacy
  00002004   Generaltweakresolved (BuBu)2015-02-20Umlaute in Links
  00001435   Generaltrivialresolved2015-02-19Blacklist class: Rewritte all BLACKLIST_FOO to enum
  000018012   Generalcrashresolved (BuBu)2015-02-17yacy.conf is lost and cannot be easily restored from a backup
  0000546    Generalminornew2015-02-16Replace missleading field "SVN-Revision" in bug tracker
  0000543    Wishlist - Wunschlistetweaknew2015-02-13Crawling locally stored html files: A CrawlDepth of 0 should add only URLs from the file to the index
  0000541    Generalmajornew2015-02-12Certain pagges refuse to load
  00001691   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2015-02-08Heuristik - blekko: Umlaute werden falsch kodiert
  000054011 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2015-02-07YaCy-Proxy: Proxy ignores URI parameters (patch included)
  00005391   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2015-02-07Proxie-Funtion nicht nutzbar
  0000537    Generalmajornew2015-02-04If system time gets advanced crawl schedule is messed up.
  00005331   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2015-02-01java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException when doing image search
  000053021 Generalminornew2015-01-314gb ram & pause reason: resource observer: not enough memory space
  0000532    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2015-01-28IndexBrowser: Domains with invalid characters are shown
  0000531    Generalcrashnew2015-01-28Too many open files in system
  0000529    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2015-01-27Ability to remove clean up Loader queue
  0000523 3 Generalminornew2015-01-20Blacklisted Images show up in imagesearch as black thumbnailz
  0000525 1 Generalminornew2015-01-20org.apache.pdfbox.util.PDFStreamEngine java.lang.NullPointerException frequent
  000052431 Generalminornew2015-01-20YaCy somehow runs out of memory when it's got 4gb and about 2gb free
  00005202   Generalminornew2015-01-17External use of Yacy not allowed until setting optional IP address
  00005032   Generalmajorresolved (Orbiter)2015-01-12Start Failure
  000051411 Generalblockresolved (Orbiter)2015-01-12Exception in Thread "Main" when installing. Yacy fails to install
  0000521    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2015-01-08Need Comfirmation on admin password on setup new install.
  00005171   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-23Yacy-Proxy: Problems with HTTP 302 redirection on Liferay portals
  0000515    Generalminornew2014-12-20Crawler and Indexer not putting correct dates for crawl usually shows done on Wed, 31 Dec 1969
  00005121   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-14Setting peerName is yacy.init
  00005131   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-14line missing comment character
  00005071   Generalminornew2014-12-10Developer key installation fails
  00005042   Generalmajorfeedback (Orbiter)2014-12-09Starting yacy installed dia debian packaged over "/etc/init.d/yacy start" fails because /var/lib/yacy has wrong permissions
  00004971   Wishlist - Wunschlistefeatureconfirmed (Orbiter)2014-12-08Einbundung eines automatisch generierten Bookmarklets
  000049511 Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2014-12-08Http error 500 on API table page.
  000048021 Generalcrashresolved (Orbiter)2014-12-08YaCy Webinterface stops working during High-Load Searching on Cheap VPS Server
  00004821   Wishlist - Wunschlistetweakfeedback (Orbiter)2014-12-08Visited Links at Hostbrowser are no longer treated as such
  000033925   Generalminorfeedback (Orbiter)2014-12-08Cannot start prepackaged YaCy on Debian, dpkg --configure fails
  00002981   Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2014-12-08Wrong public address
  00004444   Wishlist - Wunschlistetweakresolved (Orbiter)2014-12-07Wishlist: Performance boost for 2 procedures
  000051011 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-06equals() compares String with Ranking
  000050911 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-06Duplicated ifs in net/yacy/server/http/HTTPDProxyHandler.java
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