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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000525 1 Generalminornew2015-01-20org.apache.pdfbox.util.PDFStreamEngine java.lang.NullPointerException frequent
  000052431 Generalminornew2015-01-20YaCy somehow runs out of memory when it's got 4gb and about 2gb free
  00005202   Generalminornew2015-01-17External use of Yacy not allowed until setting optional IP address
  00004562   Wishlist - Wunschlistemajorclosed (Orbiter)2015-01-12Proposal: deaktivate Webgraph-opinion-Mode
  00005032   Generalmajorresolved (Orbiter)2015-01-12Start Failure
  000051411 Generalblockresolved (Orbiter)2015-01-12Exception in Thread "Main" when installing. Yacy fails to install
  0000521    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2015-01-08Need Comfirmation on admin password on setup new install.
  00005163   Wishlist - Wunschlisteminorclosed2015-01-04Provide feedback of http://yacy.info/tool_test [^]
  00005171   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-23Yacy-Proxy: Problems with HTTP 302 redirection on Liferay portals
  0000515    Generalminornew2014-12-20Crawler and Indexer not putting correct dates for crawl usually shows done on Wed, 31 Dec 1969
  00005121   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-14Setting peerName is yacy.init
  00005131   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-14line missing comment character
  00005071   Generalminornew2014-12-10Developer key installation fails
  00005042   Generalmajorfeedback (Orbiter)2014-12-09Starting yacy installed dia debian packaged over "/etc/init.d/yacy start" fails because /var/lib/yacy has wrong permissions
  00005011   Generalmajorclosed (Orbiter)2014-12-08startRecord is not working
  00004971   Wishlist - Wunschlistefeatureconfirmed (Orbiter)2014-12-08Einbundung eines automatisch generierten Bookmarklets
  00004961   Wishlist - Wunschlistemajorclosed (Orbiter)2014-12-08Delete Confirmation on API Table page when deleting it.
  000049511 Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2014-12-08Http error 500 on API table page.
  00005061   Generalminorclosed (Orbiter)2014-12-08No information about submitting patches
  000044911 Generaltrivialclosed (Orbiter)2014-12-08nice-to-have: bracket-free labeling for GUI
  00004871   Generalminorclosed (Orbiter)2014-12-08QPH Remote and Local not reporting correctly
  000048021 Generalcrashresolved (Orbiter)2014-12-08YaCy Webinterface stops working during High-Load Searching on Cheap VPS Server
  00004821   Wishlist - Wunschlistetweakfeedback (Orbiter)2014-12-08Visited Links at Hostbrowser are no longer treated as such
  000033925   Generalminorfeedback (Orbiter)2014-12-08Cannot start prepackaged YaCy on Debian, dpkg --configure fails
  00002981   Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2014-12-08Wrong public address
  00004621   Wishlist - Wunschlistefeatureclosed (Orbiter)2014-12-08Custom crawler PPM for each job.
  00004444   Wishlist - Wunschlistetweakresolved (Orbiter)2014-12-07Wishlist: Performance boost for 2 procedures
  00004412   Generaltrivialclosed (Orbiter)2014-12-07URL http://pro.yacy.de/ [^] was not found on http://yacy.de [^]
  000044211 Generaltrivialclosed (Orbiter)2014-12-07presentation confused at http://pro.yacy.net/ [^]
  000051011 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-06equals() compares String with Ranking
  000050911 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-12-06Duplicated ifs in net/yacy/server/http/HTTPDProxyHandler.java
  0000508 1 Generalminornew2014-12-04java.io.IOException After peer stats went funny, not counting totals right.
  00001751   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-11-21YaCy does not allow changing peer name to a previously-used value
  00004931   Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2014-11-20YaCy leaves "stealth mode" if next/previous results are chosen
  0000502 1 Generalminornew2014-11-14Export index with URL's and Titles to .html fails
  0000500    Generalblocknew2014-11-07after crash (memory run-out) and restart indexing not works
  0000498 1 Generalminornew2014-11-04Peer must go online to get address MSG
  0000494 1 Wishlist - Wunschlistefeaturenew2014-11-01Add a keyboard key combination for Add New Row in API Table page
  00004927   Generalblocknew2014-11-01YaCy version 1.81/9116 knocks servers offline, blocks data display, damages functions
  0000325    Generalminornew2014-10-29OpenSearch description returns local URL when YaCy installed behind a reverse proxy
  0000491    Generalminornew2014-10-26undefined is not a function yacysearch.html:783 From Java Console on SSL Page
  0000489 1 Generalminornew2014-10-22java.io.IOException: null: _220p_Lucene41_0.tim
  00004732   Generalcrashresolved2014-10-08Setting JVM to 1700 causes error JVM Failed to start
  00001006   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-10-04RSS Feed crawler looses everything after an & under Windows
  00000442   Wishlist - Wunschlistefeatureresolved (BuBu)2014-10-01Add support for "noarchive"
  000044711 Generalfeatureresolved (BuBu)2014-09-26german translation incomplete
  000044811 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-09-26after Re-Start public adres:
  00002881   Wishlist - Wunschlistefeatureresolved (BuBu)2014-09-21Add links from Status.html to parameter page
  0000476 2 Generalcrashnew2014-09-21java.net.SocketException: Permission denied
  0000477    Generalcrashnew2014-09-21Updating an SSL cert when one is installed caused yacy not to start
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