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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00004222   Generalmajorclosed2014-07-21When upgrading to latest Dev release in Robinson mode (private) I loose all solr docs
  00002771   Generaltextresolved (BuBu)2014-07-21(6) Results for Global Crawling text message is unclear
  0000426 1 Generalminornew2014-07-13A Domain named 'httpd' is shown
  00004142   Wishlist - Wunschlisteminorresolved2014-07-13Process Scheduler for restart
  00004111   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-07-06Hostbalancer error on re-initialize
   0000421    Wishlist - Wunschlistetweaknew2014-06-29Use reverse DNS where available
  00004181   Wishlist - Wunschlistemajornew2014-06-25… runs high load cycle. current: 9.85 max.: 9.0
  000040511 Generalcrashclosed2014-06-22After small memory upgrade YaCy fails to start
  00004102   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-06-19YaCy takes a long time to start
  000040421 Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2014-06-19CrawlerStack Files never deleted
  000040131 Generalcrashnew2014-06-17Buzzster web page displays on top of http 500 error in browser
  00003952   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-06-14Ungültiger Link auf der englischen Yacy.net-Startseite
  000041212 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-06-12Link description incorrect in youtube video.
  000041331 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-06-11Unable to crawl Google+ profile scraper cannot load URL: java.io.IOException:
  0000409    Generalminornew2014-06-08solr.update.CommitTracker auto commit error
  0000408    Generalminornew2014-06-03proxy config
  00001493   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-05-28APIQuickCrawlLink doen't work for file://
  00002781   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-05-25Unable to create a new user
  00000893   Wishlist - Wunschlistefeatureclosed (Lotus)2014-05-24Please add option to recheck connectivity from other peers
  000037441 Generalblockresolved (BuBu)2014-05-22Unable to login (admin password not accepted)
  00000233   Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2014-05-17Remote Proxy Option ist immer an
  00001891   Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2014-05-17Checkbox 'Use remote proxy for yacy <-> yacy communication' has no function
  000028541 Generalminornew2014-05-17bin/apicall.sh: not found
  000039712 Generalminornew2014-05-15Http 500 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
  0000400 1 Generalminornew2014-05-15java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out
  000035211 Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2014-05-14ConcurrentLog null java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
  000027061 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-05-13XML export of blacklist fails
  00001181   Wishlist - Wunschlistetweakclosed2014-05-13A list for the Crawler to exclude specific Domains
  00002913   Generalminorresolved (Low012)2014-05-13Unable to use http://www.freitag.de/RSS [^] in RSS feed importer
  00001851   Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2014-05-13YaCy percent encodes = to %3D
  00002801   Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2014-05-13Yacy-Proxy ändert in URLs mit ";" nachfolgende "=" in "%3D" was vom Server nicht erkannt wird
  00000581   Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2014-05-13URL's containing commas get truncated
  00001413   Generalmajorclosed2014-05-12CRAWLER: Path in URL will sometimes be counted as host name part
  00002742   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-05-12SolrException while deleting entries from index
  00003892   Generalmajorclosed2014-05-11When upgrading to various DEV Releases loss of Doc's on status page
  00001842   Generalminorclosed (BuBu)2014-05-08folder missing
  00000642   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-05-08Media Indexing is always on
  000039311 Generaltrivialnew2014-05-06Stats after a search with high CPU load displays Uresolved Pattern
  0000394    Generalminornew2014-05-04forum.yacy-websuche.de
  000012021 Generalminorclosed (Lotus)2014-05-04Operators in search options help (“Query Operators”) are wrapped
  000039111 Generaltrivialresolved (Orbiter)2014-05-03Yacy search page is not centered on Chrome and IE 11
  0000388 1 Generalcrashnew2014-04-30org.apache.solr.util.ConcurrentLRUCache ConcurrentLRUCache was not destroyed prior to finalize
  00003141   Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2014-04-28YaCy does not crawl the images and videos from web pages
  00002134   Generalmajorresolved2014-04-27[ru] a part of HostBrowser.html’s file name is translated in Status.html
  00002921   Generalminorclosed (BuBu)2014-04-27wrong code in ConfigLiveSearch.html
  000027252 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-04-27StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 18 in transferURL.java:157
  00000475   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2014-04-25Domains like www.example.com?something=else
  0000074    Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2014-04-25Fehler beim OAI-PMH Import - II
  000006311 Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2014-04-25Abbruch des OAH Importes
  000012341 Generalmajorresolved (vega)2014-04-25Fehler beim OAI-PMH Import - III
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