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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000084    Generalminornew2011-12-02Could not initialize class java.awt.image.BufferedImage on server without X11 installed
  0000081    Generalcrashnew2011-12-01infinite loop in index transfer, 100% cpu
  00000781   Generalmajorresolved (Orbiter)2011-12-01Non closure of stream objects is causing a memory leak
  00000772   Generalminornew2011-11-29Crawler suddenly stops indexing LAN site
  0000076    Generaltweakassigned (f1ori)2011-11-29ant uninstall target
  0000073    Wishlist - Wunschlistetweaknew2011-11-25Performance_p.html - Ability to set the priority of the YaCy process to "High" and "Realtime"
  00000701   Generaltextresolved (apfelmaennchen)2011-11-09ConfigLiveSearch.html: Update needed for new Search Widget
  00000682   Generalminorclosed (apfelmaennchen)2011-11-09Search Widget: 'X'-Knopf nach einer Suche mit Navigator funktioniert nicht
  000004821 Generalminorclosed (Orbiter)2011-11-09Higher PPM for my peer than the total freeworld peers
  00000692   Generalminorclosed (apfelmaennchen)2011-11-08YMarks.html: Search Widget is broken when YMarks.html is displayed
  000002971 Generaltweakresolved (apfelmaennchen)2011-11-07Unable to enter Shift+2 in search field using Opera
  00000622   Generalcrashclosed (Orbiter)2011-10-26Execption beim Aufruf Performance_Memory_p.html
  0000030121 Generalmajorclosed2011-10-25Abstürze bei hoher Last
  000005912 Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2011-10-13Fehler im XML der Suchergebnisse
  00000541   Generalmajorresolved (Orbiter)2011-09-10uncaught exception at png-image-reader
  00000562   Generalmajorclosed (Orbiter)2011-08-15Mehrere YaCy Peers auf einer IP-Adresse betreiben, keine Anzeige im YaCy Netzwerk
  00000376   Generaltweakassigned (f1ori)2011-07-19Wunsch: schnellere Anzeige der Suchseite
   00000531   Wishlist - Wunschliste@0@closed (Orbiter)2011-07-17mobile access
  00000491   Wishlist - Wunschlistefeatureclosed (Orbiter)2011-07-13Support for Linux or Unix file system structure
  00000451   Generalminorresolved (Lotus)2011-07-03Default proxyClient includes IPs which are not always local enough
  00000421   Generalminorclosed (Orbiter)2011-06-22Can’t disable "Use Proxy Accounts" through web UI
  00000391   Generaltrivialresolved (PCA)2011-06-21javac: warning for net/yacy/cora/protocol/http/NonClosingInputStreamEntity.java
  0000021    Generalfeatureassigned (f1ori)2011-06-09URL-DB-Cleaner continue after reboot
  00000351   Generalminorresolved (sixcooler)2011-06-03Update Apache HttpClient to version 4.1.1
  00000311   Generalminorresolved (f1ori)2011-05-27After using Domain Navigator, search result count fails (negative numbers)
  000003421 Generalminorresolved (f1ori)2011-05-27Remote search log report negative number of returned results
  0000036    Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2011-05-24https Links wird nicht gefolgt
  00000091   Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2011-05-07Bildersuche findet generierte HTML-Seiten als Bilder
  0000005    Generalminorresolved (Orbiter)2011-05-07Suche mit Einschränkungen Anzahl Ergebnisse falsch
  00000251   Generalminorclosed (f1ori)2011-04-29dpkg-buildpackage bricht ab mit "Bauabhängigkeiten/-konflikte"
  00000281   Generaltrivialresolved (Orbiter)2011-04-29YaCy SVN 7676 - javac warning for /net/yacy/cora/protocol/http/HTTPConnector
  00000202   Generalfeaturenew2011-04-18Network Autoclean
  00000223   Generalfeatureconfirmed2011-04-18index transmission on uninstall
  00000151   Generalmajorclosed (Orbiter)2011-04-18Traceback (NPE) WebStructureGraph
  00000193   Generalmajorclosed (Orbiter)2011-04-18Traceback
  00000171   Generalmajorclosed (Orbiter)2011-04-18Traceback
  00000181   Generalmajorclosed (Orbiter)2011-04-18Traceback
  00000161   Generalmajorclosed (Orbiter)2011-04-18Traceback OOM
  000001211 Generaltweakresolved (Orbiter)2011-04-18Global search disabled message in webportal
  0000014    Generalmajorclosed (Lotus)2011-04-14Traceback
  00000132   Generalmajorclosed (Lotus)2011-04-11Some Traceback
  00000103   Generalmajorresolved (Orbiter)2011-04-04User Accounts bekommen Unterstrich: defekt
  00000011   Generalmajorresolved (Orbiter)2011-04-04YaCy peername kann nicht gewechselt werden anonymous
  00000112   Generaltweakclosed (f1ori)2011-04-02in /usr/share/yacy/ wird das bin-Verzeichnis nicht angelegt
  00000081   Generalblockresolved (Orbiter)2011-03-30.IndexOutOfBoundsException: kelondroBufferedEcoFS.get(6406)
  00000032   Generaltweakresolved (Lotus)2011-03-23falsche Suchvorschlag Übernahme
  00000061   Generalminorresolved (f1ori)2011-03-20Downloaded Releases verlieren signed Angabe
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