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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000757    Generalminornew2019-07-28The PNP configuration of the modem is it possible to delay until set configuration has been run.
  0000756    Generalminornew2019-07-28When installing the service windows refuses to accept it.
  0000755 1 Generalminornew2019-07-28html - cannot load: load error - java.io.IOException:
   00007541   Wishlist - Wunschlistefeaturenew2019-07-28Just an idea. Have settings preloaded so user can choose level of load to consume on PC
  0000753    Generaltrivialnew2019-07-28Source pack files are read only by owner.
  000075212 Generalminornew2019-07-28Search fails after Tweeting address
  0000750    Generalminornew2019-07-28Opening Status.html on Local file system caused config page to display.
  0000749 2 Generalminornew2019-07-28Post processing CPU under high load.
  000074421 Generalminornew2019-07-28Web server directory test all 163 pages.
   00007262   Generalminornew2019-07-28iexplore.exe seems to keep starting and Blocks the Status Window updates.
  00006871   Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2017-07-14Import of SSL certificate erases keyStorePassword parameter
  00007413   Generaltrivialclosed (administrator)2017-06-15After Java upgrade > lots of errors in log
  0000758102 Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2017-06-15Cpu load is always 100%.
  000072721 Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-06-15Solr database problem: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: [..]/segments_* file
   00007511911 Wishlist - Wunschlistetextresolved (administrator)2017-06-15Thread Dumps for anyone's PDF's screen dumps and what was happening at the time.
  00006826   Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2017-04-29Internal Index Export YAcy 1.9
  00007401   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-04-29Surrogates import monitoring is always empty
  00007153   Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2017-03-19UNRESOLVED_PATTERN when searching.
  00007251   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-03-19Unresolved pattern on directory entries in HostBrowser.xml api
  00005452   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2017-03-19Make maven build work out-of-the-box
  0000728    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2017-03-15Lack of SSL on forum and bug tracker
  00007243   Generalminornew2017-02-02hostbrowser.xml does not contain the site queried
  00007221   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-01-24"Pending in Crawler" counts not displayed in Index Browser
  00007231   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2017-01-24Shutdown hangs on IODispatcher
  00007201   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-01-17webstructure.xml api is incomplete for URLs on same host but differents protocols or ports
  00007211   Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2017-01-17WatchWebStructure_p.html doesn't display structure of a https website
  0000399 1 Generalminornew2017-01-06MalformedChunkCodingException: Unexpected content at the end of chunk
  0000396 1 Generalminornew2017-01-06DHT in stopped less than 50 mb free
  0000390 1 Generaltrivialnew2017-01-06Error while processing facet fields: InterruptedException
  000036721 Generalcrashresolved (Orbiter)2017-01-06ConcurrentLog * Java heap space
  00007171   Generalmajorresolved (BuBu)2017-01-06Index document with wrong field content for metadata from html tags
  0000716 1 Generalminornew2016-12-21Result counter do not match displayed results
  00006671   Wishlist - Wunschlistetweaknew2016-12-20Number of remote Peers sampled seems to depend on your internet bandwidth.
  000070331 Generalcrashnew2016-12-20JVM thinks I have 34 GB of ram or something?
  000058511 Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2016-12-17score using date Fail in CrawlProfileEditor_p.html
  00006783   Generalmajorclosed (BuBu)2016-12-16Global/Internet-Domains are recognized as Local/Intranet-Domains
  00006377   Generalcrashclosed (BuBu)2016-12-14ConcurrentLog java.net.MalformedURLException: URL not parseable: 'http://' [^]
  000044315 Generaltweakresolved2016-12-14menu wrong at view with width=768px
  000070849 Generalminorresolved (administrator)2016-12-13Searchpage header / button overlapped by other content not full width browser window
  000071371 Generalminornew2016-12-09yacy web interface doesn't listen on ::1
  00007141   Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2016-12-05Internal Error in serverInstantThread.job: null preceeds 3 nullpointerexceptions
  0000712    Generalminornew2016-12-01unexpected docvalues type NONE for field 'source_chars_i' (expected=NUMERIC). Use UninvertingReader or index with docvalues.
  0000710    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2016-11-25To be able to terminate the Crawler with the Scheduler.
  00007071   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2016-11-24Missing sliders in RWI Ranking Configuration page
  0000709    Generalminornew2016-11-22Vocabulary with forbidden Solr fieldname
  000062812 Wishlist - Wunschlistetweaknew2016-11-22YaCy search result page looks like total crap and is totally useless on small screens.
  00000026   Generalfeatureacknowledged2016-11-22Suchseite für Mobilgeräte
  00007061   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2016-11-22Bad encoding of non-ASCII chars in solr HTML writers
  0000705    Generalcrashnew2016-11-17Peer Ipv6 apears to be spamming unsure.
  00001067   Wishlist - Wunschlistemajornew2016-11-15Move yacy web address to /yacy/... folder for better integration with other web services
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