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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000739    Generalminornew2019-07-28org.apache.solr.handler.RequestHandlerBase org.apache.solr.common.SolrException
  0000738    Generalmajornew2019-07-28YaCy stuck in noindex,follow wasteland
  0000734    Generalminornew2019-07-28BLOCKINGTHREAD Internal Error in serverInstantThread.job: null
  000073311 Generalmajornew2019-07-28Wrong description indexed
  00007321   Generalminornew2019-07-28At the odd time I am receving 0 URL's from a Peer but Blocking some.
  00007311   Generalmajornew2019-07-28A senior peer can load a list of sites to be crawled. Switch to a VPN and keep going as junor.
  0000729    Wishlist - Wunschlistecrashnew2019-07-28Have the option to Disable The RSS Feed on a Senior Peer if you wish
  0000696 1 Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2019-07-28Translate Darknet black list to Yacy
  0000783 1 Generalminornew2019-07-28Memory leaks stops working but ok on Win 7 and Debian 9
  00007821   Generalmajornew2019-07-28YaCy becomes unresponsive
  00007811   Generalfeaturenew2019-07-28Provide a parser for XZ (LZMA) compressed files
  0000779    Wishlist - Wunschlistefeaturenew2019-07-28Crawler traffic: Separate between HTTP and FTP traffic
  0000777    Generalminornew2019-07-28It maybe possible to cancel a crawl on a slow CPU
  00007764   Generalminornew2019-07-28THREADS WITH STATES: BLOCKED While crawling
  0000775    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2019-07-28Have crawler speed PPM figure display on viewlog page.
  00007721   Generalminornew2019-07-28Error rezising JPEG snapshot resizing with OpenJDK
  000077134 Generalminornew2019-07-28Blocked threads when crawling.
  00007701   Generalcrashnew2019-07-28Excess tlog files in index folder.
  0000768 1 Generalcrashnew2019-07-28YaCy cannot start: SolrCore 'collection1' is not available due to init failure:
  0000766    Generalminornew2019-07-28After setting admin passwd the stealth mode in search is disabled after time out.
  00007651   Wishlist - Wunschlistemajornew2019-07-28Doesn't parse ok the numbers in a xlsx file
  00007644   Generalcrashnew2019-07-28Its possible to overload a peer just by asking for.
  00007637   Generalminornew2019-07-28apt-get update says "The following signatures were invalid: 8BD752501CB62448A30EA3EA1F968B3903D886E7"
  0000762    Wishlist - Wunschlistetweaknew2019-07-28Have crawler queue for domains that have large robots delay time.
  000076183 Generalcrashnew2019-07-28Remote crawler causes JVM GC overhead limit exceeded
  000075931 Generalmajornew2019-07-28When searching Changing from Hangul to English will erase the contents of the search window
  0000757    Generalminornew2019-07-28The PNP configuration of the modem is it possible to delay until set configuration has been run.
  0000756    Generalminornew2019-07-28When installing the service windows refuses to accept it.
  0000755 1 Generalminornew2019-07-28html - cannot load: load error - java.io.IOException:
   00007541   Wishlist - Wunschlistefeaturenew2019-07-28Just an idea. Have settings preloaded so user can choose level of load to consume on PC
  0000753    Generaltrivialnew2019-07-28Source pack files are read only by owner.
  000075212 Generalminornew2019-07-28Search fails after Tweeting address
  0000750    Generalminornew2019-07-28Opening Status.html on Local file system caused config page to display.
  0000749 2 Generalminornew2019-07-28Post processing CPU under high load.
  000074421 Generalminornew2019-07-28Web server directory test all 163 pages.
   00007262   Generalminornew2019-07-28iexplore.exe seems to keep starting and Blocks the Status Window updates.
  00006871   Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2017-07-14Import of SSL certificate erases keyStorePassword parameter
  0000758102 Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2017-06-15Cpu load is always 100%.
  000072721 Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-06-15Solr database problem: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: [..]/segments_* file
   00007511911 Wishlist - Wunschlistetextresolved (administrator)2017-06-15Thread Dumps for anyone's PDF's screen dumps and what was happening at the time.
  00007372   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-05-28Thumbnail images
  00006826   Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2017-04-29Internal Index Export YAcy 1.9
  00007401   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-04-29Surrogates import monitoring is always empty
  00007153   Generalmajorresolved (administrator)2017-03-19UNRESOLVED_PATTERN when searching.
  00007251   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-03-19Unresolved pattern on directory entries in HostBrowser.xml api
  00005452   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2017-03-19Make maven build work out-of-the-box
  0000728    Wishlist - Wunschlisteminornew2017-03-15Lack of SSL on forum and bug tracker
  00007243   Generalminornew2017-02-02hostbrowser.xml does not contain the site queried
  00007221   Generalminorresolved (administrator)2017-01-24"Pending in Crawler" counts not displayed in Index Browser
  00007231   Generalminorresolved (BuBu)2017-01-24Shutdown hangs on IODispatcher
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