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0000079YaCy[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-11-30 15:502014-02-18 01:11
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Summary0000079: debian.yacy.net GPG-key missing
Descriptionhttp://forum.yacy-websuche.de/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3404 [^]
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Orbiter (manager)
2011-12-05 23:15

just tell me how to sign that thing and I will do that
yayacy (reporter)
2011-12-16 11:12

Is it useful to read this ? --> http://scotbofh.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/creating-your-own-signed-apt-repository-and-debian-packages/ [^]
localghost (reporter)
2011-12-23 16:42
edited on: 2011-12-23 16:43

or this? (first hit on google search "howto sign a deb package")

http://purplefloyd.wordpress.com/2009/02/05/signing-deb-packages/ [^]

i would love to install yacy on my debian box, but i won't do so as long as there is no gpg-key. take this as my christmass wish.

kind regards

Orbiter (manager)
2012-01-07 15:05

well I made progress here but it still does not work. I can now sign the .deb files but they are still not acceted. I believe because my pgp key ist not in any keyring.
localghost (reporter)
2012-01-08 08:27

Happy new year, i am glad to read that there is progress :)

what do you mean by "not accepted"? by whom? could you post some output?

Perhaps you could put the generated key to be downloaded somewhere? maybe in the wiki? i would test it on my box.

Have fun
Orbiter (manager)
2012-01-09 03:17

When I signed the .deb file I get the line:
"Signed deb yacy_1.01.9134_all.deb"
which tells me that I did what I could do.

When I do apt-get upgrade then I get still:
"WARNUNG: Die folgenden Pakete k├Ânnen nicht authentifiziert werden!
which means there is no authentification; most probably the key which was used to sign the .deb file is not yet authorized.
From here on I don't know what to do.
localghost (reporter)
2012-01-09 13:25


> most probably the key which was used to sign the .deb file is not yet authorized.

Exactly! one has to make, that the package manangement system "knows" the key. this can be done by the line

apt-key add /path/to/your/public-key-file

after this it should work. This is why i asked you to put your public key somewhere people can download it.

Regards Lorenz
Orbiter (manager)
2012-01-09 14:18

Ok thank you, I now added a key. Please do:

wget http://debian.yacy.net/yacy_orbiter_key.asc [^]
sudo apt-key add yacy_orbiter_key.asc

I hope the naming scheme for the public key is ok. I added my nickname to the file name so other people can publish their own release too.

Please tell me if that works.
Lotus (developer)
2012-01-09 14:48

I can now remember, that some projects have an extra .deb package to download from their website that adds the key to the system and adds the repository, so no manual hacking has to be done anymore. Could also be good for YaCy, but I don't know how to make such a package. :)
localghost (reporter)
2012-01-09 19:43

hm ok, apt-key says "ok" to adding your key, and "apt-key list" lists your among others in my list of trusted keys.
Well done so far, but in aptitude the package yacy is still marked as from an untrusted source.

is the public key you let me download matching the privat key you signed the packages in the following repository with?

deb http://debian.yacy.net [^] ./

the fingerprint of the file i downloaded is

8BD7 5250 1CB6 2448 A30E A3EA 1F96 8B39 03D8 86E7

is that correct?

Regards Lorenz
Orbiter (manager)
2012-01-10 00:45

yes, the fingerprint is correct; its the same what i get when I run "gpg --fingerprint". That seems to prove that the set-up here is ok.

Is there any way to debug this? apt-get upgrade -v ?
localghost (reporter)
2012-01-15 19:52

Hello, its me again :) Unfortunately it still does not work. Maybe the following could bring success. It is about signing whole repositories, not just packages

http://wiki.debian.org/SecureApt [^]

Kind Regards
srf21c (reporter)
2012-02-25 17:12

Ubuntu update manager is not able to update Yacy due to this issue. Any progress?
henningb (reporter)
2012-07-15 13:10

the problem is, that there is missing the files release and release.gpg _on_ the server, where the deb-paket is. So i can't install correctly the yacy-pakets because my client has nothing to check.

http://michael.stapelberg.de/Artikel/Debian_Repository [^]
http://debiananwenderhandbuch.de/debianrepositories.html#release-dateien [^]

Thanks and regards
Buster (reporter)
2013-02-28 13:00

Files Release and Release.gpg are still missing. Any news on this?
lloydsmart (reporter)
2013-07-16 22:25

Bump for this issue. Well done for generating a key, but any chance you could upload the Release and Release.gpg files so that we can access the software securely? Thanks.
edge731 (reporter)
2013-09-14 05:02

please, add the release, and release.gpg files, because of this im waiting to be able of install yacy in noob comuters...
Orbiter (manager)
2014-02-18 01:11

the key is finally there!
the wiki describes what to do:
http://www.yacy-websuche.de/wiki/index.php/En:DebianInstall [^]

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