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0000652YaCyWishlist - Wunschlistepublic2016-04-17 14:422016-04-19 05:28
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Product VersionYaCy 1.8 
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Summary0000652: Provide a Windows Script for a specific VPN
DescriptionI've seen a lot of people running YaCy over a VPN connection. I'm using a VPN provider named Private Internet Access (because http://mantis.tokeek.de/view.php?id=544 [^] ). Since Private Internet Access port forwarding is disabled by default it's necessary to run a specific command line script to trigger the port forwarding every time the reconnect occurs. It would be very nice to have built-in support in YaCy for that.

Steps To Reproducehttps://www.privateinternetaccess.com/forum/discussion/3359/port-forwarding-without-application-pia-script-advanced-users [^]
Additional InformationCommand to trigger the port forwarding (HTTP POST):

curl --insecure -d "user=johndoe886&pass=48jUnAt&client_id=de7286261ca5d0f2ad42168b894c8402&local_ip=" https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/vpninfo/port_forward_assignment [^]

user = Private Internet Access User Name

pass= Private Internet Access Password

client_id = 32 char alphanumerical string, once randomly generated, needs to be the same every time

local_ip = Internal IP of the OpenVPN Interface

Can be obtained at the windows commandline via the following command:

powershell -Command "Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration -ComputerName . | Select-Object -Property Description,SettingID,IPAddress"

According to the considered logic for the script, it should be uniquely associated/identified by the GUID (SettingID) of the interface, eg.

Description SettingID IPAddress
----------- --------- ---------
WAN-Miniport (L2TP) {E0F3296B-8825-4416-A51...
WAN-Miniport (PPTP) {A1736657-8094-4729-BE1...
WAN-Miniport (PPPOE) {D03BFE76-DD81-45C8-A55...
WAN-Miniport (IPv6) {7770BB28-6024-4315-A52...
Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT-Ne... {75863213-5973-4EEE-967... {}
Microsoft-ISATAP-Adapter {B697F406-F6CC-40AC-833...
WAN-Miniport (IP) {2A2AFF84-5E1A-4978-9DF...
Microsoft Tun-Miniporta... {1493C061-7444-42F8-831...
WAN Miniport (SSTP) {BDA9D6B5-7350-4E85-8B3...
Asynchroner RAS-Adapter {C849AB5E-32CD-4B14-995...
WAN-Miniport (Netzwerkm... {97B71E45-DDA0-482D-826...
Microsoft-ISATAP-Adapter {6065FECF-983E-422F-B7B...
Microsoft-ISATAP-Adapter {5BC41C42-DEF6-4A6C-AE2...
Microsoft-6zu4-Adapter {487330C9-A8AD-47EC-9A1...
TAP-Windows Adapter V9 {CB0D5D99-2FB1-40E4-9D4... {, fe80::915...
VMware Virtual Ethernet... {78A55864-139C-4C60-A85... {, fe80::c...
Microsoft-ISATAP-Adapter {2FE0332E-48BC-44C0-B46...
VMware Virtual Ethernet... {EFF93765-4870-416F-864... {, fe80::...
Microsoft-ISATAP-Adapter {7F868153-E9A3-4ED5-8E6...
Microsoft-ISATAP-Adapter {8E0FDDB1-6487-4A41-9A2...

Maybe it's enough to evaluate the first 8 chars of the guid to determine the IP-Adress from the interface, here it is CB0D5D99 and the IP that should be committed to the curl string is so the final command looks like

curl --insecure -d "user=johndoe886&pass=48jUnAt&client_id=de7286261ca5d0f2ad42168b894c8402&local_ip=" https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/vpninfo/port_forward_assignment [^]
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LA_FORGE (reporter)
2016-04-19 05:28

After the curl command has been disposed, it returns the following message: {"port":53866}

This should be evaluated and instantly applied as YaCys main HTTP Port.

Since the IP from the VPN mentioned above only changes after a redial, it is only neccessary to trigger the script this time and apply the new assigned Port to Yacy.

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