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0000790: hotarticlelist
hooray! it's snowing! it's time to make a snowman.james runs out. he makes a large pile of snow. he places a huge snowball on top. he adds a headband and a hat. he adds an orange for the nostril. he adds coal for the eyes and buttons.within the night, james opens the door. what does he see? the snowman is transferring! james invitations him in. the snowman has by no means been interior a house. he says hey to the cat. he performs with paper towels.a moment later, the snowman takes james's hand and goes out.they move up, up, up into the air! they may be flying! what a terrific night time!the following morning, james jumps off the bed. he runs to the door.he desires to thank the snowman. however he is long past.
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