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0000778YaCy[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-02-25 03:512019-07-28 08:38
Desktop?GNU/Linux Mint kernel 4.1318.3
YaCy 1.9 
0000778: Can't crawl and connect to http interface after updating to newest version.
After updating YaCy to newest version, http interface acts weird, everything is slow, crawler isn't working, and after some time you can't reach http interface, whereas java process is still working. Also YaCy is consuming a lot of processing power, while not crawling. Now I can't even access server inteface.
Download and run 1.92 version from website, do a lot of crawling (I had 5M indexes), change -Xmx to 3GB, and update to newest version from YaCy interface. This problem happend twice.
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2018-03-01 09:45   
Between 1.92 and 1.921/9513 versions, the internal Solr index also upgrades between two major versions : from 5.5.2 to 6.6.2. Maybe the automated index upgrade is what consumes much of your CPU, furthermore considering that 5M documents is not negligible for an embedded Solr index.

Doesn't your CPU usage reduce a few hours after upgrade?

In the /IndexControlURLs_p.html page, there is also the "Optimize Solr" option. Maybe this could help you?
2018-03-03 00:48   
I have just compiled the newest version form github, and deleted all files from my old server, except for DATA folder with my indexes, and replaced these files with new one. For now YaCy seems to work stable.