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0000726YaCy[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-02-11 01:562019-07-28 08:38
2003 x86
YaCy 1.8 
0000726: iexplore.exe seems to keep starting and Blocks the Status Window updates.
When connecting to a YaCy Server on different pc on LAN the Search Function is OK but the Status page asks for logon.

I renamed iexplore.exe just my adding a few words a few months ago for a just incase needed.

Possible Fix. Time Will tell.
Now I have added .txt to iexploregfgfhfh.exe.txt and transported to my Linux Box.
Also restarted YaCy.

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2017-03-28 13:03   
Possible Fix Use a Own Risk..Not on production PC..
Plus Opera new..

Move the IE cache folder to Recycle Bin (a Disabled one always on PC).

Opera has had a few goes at running in the the background Terminate with task manager..

Firefox.. Override cache set to 0.. > Clear the cache then Clear all Cookies.
2017-06-12 01:49   
Close this one I sorta use Windows rare vocations.