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0000720YaCy[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-01-16 16:312017-01-17 23:36
0000720: webstructure.xml api is incomplete for URLs on same host but differents protocols or ports
When using the webstructure.xml API with the about parameter filled with a host name, only references to and from http URLs on default port with this host name are returned.
 - crawl a page with a link to some http url (http://example.tld [^])
 - crawl a page with a link to an URL on the same host but with https such as https://example.tld [^]
 - crawl a page with a link to an URL on the same host but with another port such as http://example.tld:8080 [^]
 - show the computed webstructure for the target domain : /api/webstructure.xml?about=example.tld
  -> only one incoming reference is returned <references direction="in" count="1">. To get https and other protocols and port references, you have to perform supplementary api calls : /api/webstructure.xml?about=https://example.tld [^] and /api/webstructure.xml?about=http://example.tld:8080 [^]
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2017-01-17 23:36   
fixed by @luc

https://github.com/yacy/yacy_search_server/commit/ed3dd5e31a9177a4b1c3957fdce7a9b8b2859265 [^]