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0000719: Andriod > Ubuntu apache2 ssl > Thinlinc >FF Result = DHT words ZERO now YaCy
I have a few tabs set to open in FireFox when I logon to Ubuntu running ThinLinc Server V 4.6 Apache2 SSL and then SSH over a port.

Now 0 DHT Words now. Have been crawling a site for 4 days.
Docs to DHT words approx 1 to 4 before android Chrome Browser..

After a restart
There is lots of book marks not found for hash SDFGGHHH
This may shed light on previous report
I 2017/01/12 03:30:37 SWITCHBOARD postprocessing deactivated: no enough ram (419377424), needed 536870912, to force change field postprocessing.minimum_ram

I am Looking to buy a cheap good car in the city (4 hour drive) but when I get there there is a chance I will miss out. Hence use Yacy to get results once there.
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I missed one directory when symlinking, so I got this:

I also have this: 4M documents and 0 DHT words.

I have different parts of my DATA directory split on 4 different partitions, put together using symlinks.
This issue appeared after I moved the root of the DATA directory to a smaller one, so that YaCy sees the more relevant disk space. YaCy v1.922/9964.

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