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0000648YaCyWishlist - Wunschlistepublic2016-03-24 13:362016-03-24 13:37
YaCy 1.8 
0000648: Blac/white-lists entries and priorities.
For some use cases it would be good to be able to use whitelisting, and prioritize rules. The rule may have to be in CSV format:


The rules would be checked in descending order of priority and the first hit wins and decides whether it will be W-hitelisted or B-lacklisted.

Example scenario:
I want that only pages with the domain ".pl" be added to index. So at the beginning I blacklist everything:


Then I'm unlocking ".pl" domains. So I make a rule that whitelist it, and has higher priority than block all:


But I do not want to domains with 'porn' substring even in ".pl" subdomains. I have to blacklist it with higher priority rule:


But I also want to to have in the index pages of "Pidżama Porno" music band, which address "http://pidzamaporno.art.pl/" [^] contains 'porn' substring. So I just have to add whitelisting rule with higher priority:


This approach makes realization of even the most complex scenarios very easy. And it should also be relatively inexpensive in terms of CPU usage as it requires only a sort of ruleset by priority numeric values, and after the first hit, there is no need to check the rest of the ruleset.
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