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0000505YaCy[All Projects] Generalpublic2014-11-28 11:332016-09-28 15:19
YaCy 1.8 
0000505: [YaCy-git] Can't shutdown
YaCy can't shutdown properly. Hangs on HeapReader dumping. Have to kill it.
Start YaCy. At some point try to stop it with ./stopYACY.sh (or from browser).
YaCy can't shutdown properly.
Whenever I try to shutdown YaCy. Shutdown process starts and after some time, it get's to HeapReader dumping and then hangs on it.
I have been waiting for it to finish for hours without success.

note: There is no IO at all at this point

I have tried with jdk version 7u71.
Currently with version 8u25, same result on both.

GNU/Linux Slackware64-current (no multilib)

I will attach 2 logs.

1. latest attempt (yacy-debug.log): YaCy was started with -d flag.

2. from last night - started with no extra flags (yacy-last_night.log - going to attach it on next post):
After getting to the last line on the log I've waited for 2 hours and then had to kill it.
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log yacy-debug.log (1,339,782) 2014-11-28 11:33
log yacy-last_night.log (935,534) 2014-11-28 11:36
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2015-02-22 18:07   
I can confirm this issue
2015-03-11 07:24   
I can confirm this issue. Same at win2003 Java 7 Update 55.
2015-03-11 19:43   
This is hard to reproduce (actually was not able to force it to happen).
Made a small Change (v1.83/9092) which adresses a possibly occuring race condition.
Assume that this was the cause.
commit https://gitorious.org/yacy/rc1/commit/706f75ddc251f02bf03853911656d06058755041 [^]
Will Close issue for now (reopen if needed).