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0000382YaCy[All Projects] Generalpublic2014-03-01 10:542014-03-01 10:54
YaCy 1.6 
0000382: terminal_p.html is not displayed translated
Opening /terminal_p.html does not display the translated version

The file is translated in German and Russian and the Server Log shows that the text gets translated after switching to it
"TRANSLATOR Translating file: terminal_p.html"
plus the translated version is saved correctly in DATA\LOCALE\htroot\<LOCALE>
Still the webserver shows the untranslated version.

1. Open Admin Console - Basic Configuration
2. Change locale to e.g. German or Russian
3. Open Terminal or goto URL /terminal_p.html
4. Check for the translated text
Tested with latest dev and 1.68/9000
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