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0000236YaCy[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-05-05 18:382014-03-04 03:19
YaCy 1.0 
0000236: Proxy does not load all images on a page
Possible duplicate of 0000224

When using Yacy as http proxy, on some pages not all images are loaded, even after multiple refreshes.

A slow connection might also have an impact on this, but as this is exactly the situation a caching proxy is intended for Squid and Polipo proxies seem to be able to handle this successfully.
Using a slow (384kbps WISP) connection, open a webtoon (Manga) on a site like www.batoto.net using Firefox 20.0 or Chrome 26.0.1410.63. This will then result in not all images downloading, no matter how long waiting for it. Refreshing results in a different set of images loaded, which also means that it is not serving cached pictures.
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2013-05-06 14:51   
I was not able to reproduce this, maybe my internet connection is too fast.
So this is not a problem in principle, maybe only with timeout.

-> try to increase the proxy timeout:

open /ConfigProperties_p.html
and the set the value of
i.e. to 60000, followed by a re-start.

Does this solve the problem?
2014-02-10 18:09   
It does not. The timeout is hardcoded in ProxyHandler.java (net.yacy.http.ProxyHandler) line 103: int timeout = 10000;

Some sites aren't fast enough to send the content in 10 seconds so there are issues. This setting probably should use proxy.clientTimeout as you mentioned.
2014-02-25 00:39   
Could also not reproduce it exactly with given site.
But was able to get a time out after clicking several pages

>Message: Client can't execute: Read timed out duration=10130
>java.io.IOException: Client can't execute: Read timed out duration=10130

Getting the Time-out a couple of times once it had happend the first time.

Got some issue after Setting timeout to 60000

>>Message: Client can't execute: Read timed out duration=60128
>>java.io.IOException: Client can't execute: Read timed out duration=60128

But less frequent (just 1 time, while bevor several times)

Long Story short -> you are right anyway that the Proxy.ClientTimeout should be used.

commit fix
https://gitorious.org/yacy/rc1/commit/4d896383db29fc9d3a3c642cc2555b2534a7c714 [^]